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Ten Years in the Industry

Ten Years in the Industry

Thirty-something in this world

Thirty-six to be exact.  No point in denying. When I was younger I had fantastic thoughts of crashing and burning by 35.  But life is too good and my kids are too young.  Still so many things to do (dinner at the French Laundry and plenty of places left to see (Prague).

I almost didn’t celebrate the anniversary.  So much was happening early in the year and I was constantly putting it off.  But as I said in my speech, ten years only come, well, after every ten years.  It must be done.



The party was everything I ever imagined it to be.  The venue was decked out.  With a cube suspended in the middle.  Each side showing a different projected image.  Snazzy!



I actually had all intentions of hosting most of the program but one of the best surprises of the night was when two of my former lovely brides stormed the stage and joined me to host.  You don’t have two certified gorgeous celebrities spring on you like that everyday.  I was stunned! (Thanks Cheka and LJ!)



I had the honor of presenting my lovely and ever-dependable crew to the attendees.  I was surprised yet again with a video they produced for the occasion.  (to be posted soon).

It was also the night that we unveiled the new identity of the company, painstakingly defined by the team of Vancouver based graphic designer Topp Brocales.





Three of my friends from abroad also sent messages, each one more outrageous than the last.  Thanks Darrell Aulbert, David Perry and to the Paper Cranes crew!

Dino Lara and Abet Rana gave the toasts.  I knew they weren’t the most comfortable speaking in front of a large audience, but their message hit home. Thank you.



Then two of my favorite bands,True Faith and Sandwich, took the stage after.

Words cannot encapsulate the gratitude I felt that night seeing my closest friends and colleagues, former couples and my family in attendance.

Thank you!

More pictures from Dino’s site – here.


Thank you to to my vendor friends for executing the perfect party:

Sensitivity – lights, audio and staging
K by Cunanan – hors d’oeuvres
Dessert – Bizu
Coordination – Chinkie Agregado, Ernest Pascual
Cake – Judy and Batch Uson
Additional Styling – Teddy Manuel, Josiah’s Catering
Invites – Sid Estrella of Amisprint
Photography – Dino Lara
Video Documentation – Cinemaworks
Live Feed – MG Digital VIdeo
Videofest Poster – Mangored
Bouquets – Henry Pascual
Overall Coordination – Madge Lejano