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Buti Na Lang Traffic

Buti Na Lang Traffic

Perspective: A Facebook Post

Everybody hates traffic. Everybody curses at traffic. Nobody likes it.

But today it put a smile on my face.

I was at my 43rd minute along Edsa starting from Magallanes. It was almost 8 and I was dying to get home to catch dinner with the family. I was getting impatient and hungry.

After getting out of the Ayala tunnel and just before hitting the Gil Puyat flyover I decided to wave to a vendor and buy junk food.

I asked how much the Kropeck was. He had three bags in his hand and I had twenty pesos in mine. He said ten pesos each so I said I’ll get two.

He gave me two packs, then without hesitation gave me the third.

“Eto sir, pamasko ko na sa inyo.”

He broke into a big warm smile and I let out a big one too.

I pointed to his empty big plastic bag, sign of a good night’s sale – “Salamat! uwi na! Pahinga na!”

The elderly man said – “Yes sir!” Ubos na, ButI na lang traffic.”

I rolled up my window, started munching on my Kropeck. Still with a smile on my face.