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Rica and Ann

Rica and Ann

Love Reigns Supreme

May you find the courage and strength to stand for your love amidst all trials and adversities. – Ann

“This is a country which makes it difficult to love the way they do.” The pastor prefaced the ceremony with these words.
But it wasn’t difficult last week, not when Rica and Ann wed. It was easy for them that moment. After years of always trying to be a better partner.

After years of making the correct life choices. After risking love and accepting its vulnerabilities.
It wasn’t difficult for the forty or so friends and family members around them, celebrating and supporting.

That moment, love reigned supreme.
And in Ann’s words –

What would you sacrifice for love? A question asked. A question answered, “My gender.”

We were young, afraid and uncertain. We weren’t ready for the world, we weren’t ready to declare our love. Away from the crowd, we held on to our feelings and hope that one day we don’t live within the shadows.

Months passed and distance separated us. It did so for 9 years. In the course of our 13 years together as partners, time, space, age, and distance didn’t matter. Whether she moved back to Manila or I move to Sydney with her, we thought, “It matters not where. Only with whom.”

Then, Ann asked another question, “Am I the one?” How can I answer it when there was just too many areas we needed to grow and improve on. Somewhere in Boracay I replied, “I need time.” How forlorn Ann looked after that.

Life went on and we returned to our daily routine. We remained lovers and at the same time friends. We grew in our own way, striving to be a better person, a better partner.

Years passed and there we were in Punta Bunga, surrounding ourselves with love, with family and friends who have seen us at our worst and our best. Loved ones who encouraged us to be stronger and cling to each other more at times of difficulty.There were times we sacrificed so much to keep the love alive, but little did we know that in the end, we didn’t have to sacrifice gender, because between love and gender, love reigns supreme.

May you find the courage and strength to stand for your love amidst all trials and adversities.

Rica & Ann